Table of contents of:
Chardon, W.J., O.F. Schoumans (eds.). 2002. Phosphorus losses from agricultural soils: Processes at the field scale. COST action 832. Alterra Wageningen, The Netherlands. 137 pp.

M. Hens & O.F. Schoumans
The role of soil processes: Synthesis of actions. p. 7-12

D. Deumlich
Terminology of transport phenomena and erosion at the field scale. p. 13-20

C.H. Stamm
Water flow at the field scale 21-35

F. Gil-Sotres, C. Trasar-Cepeda, B.L. Turner & A. Oberson
Review of concepts and process description on biological mechanisms. p. 36-43

W.J. Chardon & O.F. Schoumans
Solubilization of phosphorus: Concepts and process description of chemical mechanisms. p. 44-52

E. Barberis & P.J.A. Withers
Influence of soil processes on detachment of P forms: A review of experimental data. p. 53-60

J.N. Quinton
Detachment and transport of particle bound P: Processes and prospects for modelling. p. 61-65

B.L. Turner & P.M. Haygarth
Influence of soil processes on solubilisation of P forms: A review of experimental data. p. 66-72

J. Vanderdeelen
Environmental soil P test in relation to solubilisation. p. 73-81

R. Meissner, H. Rupp & K. Kalbitz
Influence of re-wetting soils on phosphorus behaviour. p. 82-87

S. Tattari
The use of simulation models describing surface transport of phosphorus. p. 88-92

P. Strauss
Phosphorus losses as a result of surface runoff: Field data. p. 93-101

O.F. Schoumans & W.J. Chardon
Models describing phosphorus losses by subsurface transport used in Europe. p. 102-110

R. Meissner
Phosphorus losses as a result of subsurface runoff: Field data. p. 111-137