List of 21 papers presented at the OECD workshop 'Practical and innovative measures for the control of agricultural phosphorus losses to water', Antrim, N. Ireland, June 1998. The papers were edited by Andrew Sharpley, and published in the 1st issue of 2000 of the J. of Environmental Quality.

Sharpley,A.N., Foy,B. & Withers,P.
Practical and innovative measures for the control of agricultural phosphorus losses to water: An overview. JEQ 29:1-9.

Haygarth,P.M. & Sharpley,A.N.
Terminology for phosphorus transfer. JEQ 29:10-15.

Frossard,E., Condron,L.M., Oberson,A., Sinaj,S. & Fardeau,J.C.
Processes governing phosphorus availability in temperate soils. JEQ 29:15-23.

Phosphorus utilization and excretion in pig production. JEQ 29:24-27.

Valk,H., Metcalf,J.A. & Withers,P.J.A.
Prospects for minimizing phosphorus excretion in ruminants by dietary manipulation. JEQ 29:28-36.

Moore,P.A., Daniel,T.C. & Edwards,D.R.
Reducing phosphorus runoff and inhibiting ammonia loss from poultry manure with aluminum sulfate. JEQ 29:37-49.

Morel,C., Tunney,P., Plenet,D. & Pellerin,S.
Transfer of phosphate ions between soil and solution: Perspectives in soil testing. JEQ 29:50-59.

Sims,J.T., Edwards,A.C., Schoumans,O.F. & Simard,R.R.
Integrating soil phosphorus testing into environmentally based agricultural management practices. JEQ 29:60-71.

Beegle,D.B., Carton,O.T. & Bailey,J.S.
Nutrient management planning: Justification, theory, practice. JEQ 29:72-79.

Higgs,B., Johnston,A.E., Salter,J.L. & Dawson,C.J.
Some aspects of achieving sustainable phosphorus use in agriculture. JEQ 29:80-87.

Gillingham,A.G. & Thorrold,B.S.
A review of New Zealand research measuring phosphorus in runoff from pasture. JEQ 29:88-96.

Simard,R.R., Beauchemin,S. & Haygarth,P.M.
Potential for preferential pathways of phosphorus transport. JEQ 29:97-105.

Hesketh,N. & Brookes,P.C.
Development of an indicator for risk of phosphorus leaching. JEQ 29:105-110.

Schoumans,O.F. & Groenendijk,P.
Modeling soil phosphorus levels and phosphorus leaching from agricultural land in the Netherlands. JEQ 29:111-116.

Edwards,A.C., Twist,H. & Codd,G.A.
Assessing the impact of terrestrially derived phosphorus on flowing water systems. JEQ 29:117-124.

Schepers,J.S., Schlemmer,M.R. & Ferguson,R.B.
Site-specific considerations for managing phosphorus. JEQ 29:125-130.

Gburek,W.J., Sharpley,A.N., Heathwaite,L. & Folmar,G.J.
Phosphorus management at the watershed scale: a modification of the phosphorus index. JEQ 29:130-144.

Chambers,B.J., Garwood,T.W.D. & Unwin,R.J.
Controlling soil water erosion and phosphorus losses from arable land in England and Wales. JEQ 29:145-150.

Uusi-Kamppa,J., Braskerud,B., Jansson,H., Syversen,N. & Uusitalo,R.
Buffer zones and constructed wetlands as filters for agricultural phosphorus. JEQ 29:151-158.

Heathwaite,L., Sharpley,A.N. & Gburek,W.
A conceptual approach for integrating phosphorus and nitrogen management at watershed scales. JEQ 29:158-166.

Withers,P.J.A., Davidson,I.A. & Foy,R.H.
Prospects for controlling nonpoint phosphorus loss to water: A UK perspective. JEQ 29:167-175.

Sharpley,A.N. & Tunney,H.
Phosphorus research strategies to meet agricultural and environmental challenges of the 21st century. JEQ 29:176-181.