Papers from a joint meeting of working group 1 and 2 of EU COST Action 832, held in Zurich (CH) from 16-19 October 2002.
Published in J. Plant Nutr. Soil Sci., volume 166, issue 4, 2003.

Chardon, W.J., and P.J.A. Withers
Introduction to papers from the EU COST Action 832 "Quantifying the agricultural contribution to eutrophication".
p. 401

Schoumans, O.F., and W.J. Chardon
Risk assessment methodologies for predicting phosphorus losses.
p. 403-408

Ehlert, P.A.I., C. Morel, M. Fotyma, and J.P. Destain
Potential role of phosphate buffering capacity of soils in fertilizer management strategies fitted to environmental goals.
p. 409-415

Celardin, F
Evaluation of soil P-test values of canton Geneva/Switzerland in relation to P loss risks.
p. 416-421

Neyroud, J.A., and P. Lischer
Do different methods used to estimate soil phosphorus availability across Europe give comparable results?
p. 422-431

Quinton, J.N., P. Strauss, N. Miller, E. Azazoglu, M. Yli-Halla, and R. Uusitalo
The potential for soil phosphorus tests to predict phosphorus losses in overland flow.
p. 432-437

Tunney, H., P. Csatho, and P.A.I. Ehlert
Approaches to calculating P balance at the field-scale in Europe.
p. 438-446

Heathwaite, A.L., A.N. Sharpley, and M. Bechmann
The conceptual basis for a decision support framework to assess the risk of phosphorus loss at the field scale across Europe.
p. 447-458

Withers, P.J.A., B. UlÚn, C. Stamm, and M. Bechmann
Incidental phosphorus losses - are they significant and can they be predicted?
p. 459-468

Kronvang, B., M. Bechmann, M.L. Pedersen, and N. Flynn
Phosphorus dynamics and export in streams draining micro-catchments: Development of empirical models.
p. 469-474