International Congress in Wiesbaden, Germany, May 9-12, 1999



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Welcome and General Introduction

Welcome, 9
Gerald Thalheim

Introduction to the Congress, 10
Herman Van den Weghe

Private Profit and Public Interest: The Role of Regulation in a Market Economy, 12
John McInerney

Plenary Introduction to the Sessions

International Legal Framework for Abating Ammonia Emissions from Animal Production in the ECE Region, 21
Andrzej Jagusiewicz

EU’s Emmision Ceilings Implemented in Denmark, 27
Niels Adler, Jesper L. Bak

Water and Soil Pollution Control, 31
Georges Hofman

The Technical Development of the European Animal Welfare Laws: An Interaction Between the Council of Europe, the European Commission and the Experiences of Member States, 38
Andrea Gavinelli

Pigs in Space: How to Cope With Animal Disease in Planning, 42
Emmy C. A. Bolsius

Animal Welfare

Welfare and How it is Affected by Regulation, 51
Donald M. Broom

Danish Legislation for Pig Welfare and Consumer Pressure on Pig Welfare Production, 58
Boerge Mortensen

Implementation of Animal Welfare Legislation in Ireland, 62
Kilian H. Unger

The Swiss Animal Welfare Legislation for the Keeping of Cattle, Pigs and Laying Hens, 67
Beat Wechsler, Hans Oester

Legislation Banning Conventional Battery Cages in Sweden and a Subsequent Phase-out Programme, 73
Linda Keeling, Jan Svedberg

European Community Law and Farm Animal Welfare: A Force for Change or a Brake on Progress? The British Experience, 79
Mike Radford

Legislation on Animal Welfare of Pigs in the Netherlands, 84
Hay J. M. Hendriks

Animal Welfare Provisions and their Practical Application in Germany, 90
Karin Schwabenbauer

EEC-Regulation on Organic Livestock Production and their Contribution to the Animal Welfare Issue, 93
Albert Sundrum

Animal Welfare Assessment

Validation of Methods for Assessing Animal Welfare at Herd Level, 98
Pernille Fraas Johnsen, Peter Sandøe

The DLG-Utility-Test for Housing Equipment - Animal Welfare Aspects, 103
Hans-Joachim Herrmann

Farm Animal Welfare: French Perception Through Contingent Valuation Method, 108
Karine Latouche

Water and Soil Pollution Control

Regulation of Mineral Production in Areas with Intensive Animal Production and in Areas with Extensive Animal Production, 113
Herman Snijders, D. Wim de Hoop, Henk W. Westhoek

Environmental Impact of Animal Production in Portugal: an Approach to the Actual Situation, 117
Emanuel E. Gago Da Câmara, Elizabeth Almeida Duarte, Luis J. M. Ferreira

Water Conservation Regulations in Germany - Differences between the Federal States and Impacts on Livestock Production , 129
Volkmar Nies, Andreas Hackeschmidt

The Dutch mineral policy 1984-2008/2010, 133
Dick Oele

Animal Production and Water and Soil Protection in Belgium, 139
Antoon Dobbelaere

Austrian Groundwater Protection policies and their Consequences for Livestock Production, 149
Franz Sinabell

How is Legislation Protecting Water Quality in Denmark?, 154
Torkild Birkmose

Swedish Regulations and Practice Regarding Manure Handling and Storage, 159
Christer Nilsson

Control of Pollution from Animal Production Farms in Norway, 164
John Morken

Quality Management Systems

Knowledge Based Systems in Livestock Production / The "Green Line" in the Design of Animal Husbandry Systems, 168
Aad A. Jongebreur , Jos H. M. Metz

Development and Use of Reference Methods for Quality Assurance in Meat Production, 174
Brigitte Petersen, Emma Pönsgen-Schmidt

Documentation of Quality in Primary Production, 179
Jette Søholm Petersen

Air Pollution Control

Airborne Emissions from Animal Production and its Impact on Environment and Man, 183
Jörg Hartung

Modelling of Cost-Effective Emission Control Strategies for Europe, 197
Zbigniew Klimont, Markus Amann

Developing Agricultural Controls Under Integrated Pollution Prevention Control (IPPC) in England, 203
Alan J. Brewer, Ian A. Davidson

Ammonia Emissions - Current Legislation Affecting the Agricultural Sector in Sweden, 208
Christine Jakobsson

Estimation of a Cost Curve of an Ammonia Reduction Plan for Flanders, 214
Jos Hendriks, Ann Andries, Daniel Berckmans, D. Chris Vinckier

Assessment of the Ammonia Emission Abatement Potential in Switzerland, 222
Harald Menzi, Stephan Pfefferli, Franz X. Stadelmann

Policy on Ammonia and on Odour-Nuisance from Agricultural Sources in the Netherlands, 227
Germt de Vries, Dominique M. H. Crijns

German Regulations Concerning Air Pollution Control in Animal Production - an Overview, 234
Ewald Grimm, Joachim Kypke, Iris Martin, Karl-Heinz Krause

Tools to Control Ammonia and Odour from Danish Agriculture, 243
Willem A. H. Asman, Johnny Andersen, Per Løfstrøm, Nicholas J. Hutchings, Sven Sommer

Farm Planning

Sustainable Farm Planning, 249
Bent Petersen

Location of Future Farm Buildings, 253
Kræn Ole Birkkjær

Farm Planning in Flanders: Recent Evolution and Legislation, 258
Ewald Wauters, Daniel Berckmans, Victor Goedseels

New Problems and Recent Tendencies of Farm Planning in Italy, 264
Paolo Zappavigna

New Stabling Trends in the Lombardy Region, 270
Franco Sangiorgi, Guido Calvi, Giorgio Provolo

Structural Development Trends and Farm Planning, 278
Boris Khodanovitch

Agricultural Building: Location Protection, 284
Günther Schickhofer

Limits to Growth of Farm Acreages in Switzerland, 287
Roger Bisig

Structural Area Planning - Foundation for Expanding Animal Production in Germany, 295
Gerd Grahlmann, Heidrun von Amende

Final Plenary Session

Ethically Defensible Animal Production and the Free Market - Can they be Combined?, 301
Peter Sandøe, Stine B. Christiansen, Birte Broberg

The Impact of Regulation on International Competitiveness, 306
Folkhard Isermeyer

Livestock, Environment and Quality of Life, 316
John Hodges

Results and Perspectives, 321
Herman Van den Weghe

Poster Session

New Technical Testing of the Milking Robot According to the Swedish Animal Welfare Act , 325
Anders H. Herlin, Huibert Oostra, Krister Sällvik

Some Topics of Dairy Farm Planning in the Aspect of Animal Welfare Solutions, 327
Marek Gaworski, Tadeusz Nowacki

Ensuring Piglets Comfort, 329
Arnolds Skele, Imaats Ziemelis, Uldis Iljins, Egils Ramins, Henrihs Putans

Scoring Systems for an On-Farm Assessment of Housing Conditions, 330
Bernhard Hörning

Three Essential Steps for Animal Welfare Assessment, 332
Torfi Johannesson, Jan Ladewig

Quantifying the Behaviour of Pregnant Ewes Using Image Analysis, 333
Jean-Marie Aerts, Ann Delahaye, Bernard Castelein, Daniel Berckmans

Economic Connections of Qualitative Animal Production in Hungary, 334
Sándor Szakály, Zoltán Szakály, Csaba Sarudi, Gyula Széles

Framework for the Assessment of Environmental Impact from Livestock Production Systems, 336
Christiane Willeke-Wetstein

Legal Regulations on Water Conservation in Germany - Implementation in Water Protection Areas, 338
Ute Schultheiß, Helmut Döhler

Regulations on Animal Manure Utilisation in the Regions of the Northern Italy, 340
Liliana Cortellini, Giuseppe Bonazzi

Field Storage of Farmyard Manure, 343
Markus Schwab, Helmut Döhler

Effects of Reduced Cattle Slurry and Manure Fertilization on Maize and Other Forage Crops in Northern Italy, 345
Carlo Grignani, Dario Sacco

Survey of Nitrogen Fertilization Techniques in Intensive Livestock Farming Systems in North Western Italy, 347
Laura Zavattaro, Carlo Grignani

Agroecological Monitoring of Soil in the Site of Active Sludge Disposal from Pig Waste Water Treatment Plant, 350
Irina Barbolina, Erasmus Otabbong, Olga Orlova, Irina Arkhipchenko

Applied Nutritional Management to Meet the Requirements of the EU Nitrates Directive, 352
Alain Vrillon, Manfred Peisker, Jürgen Häffner, Winfried Heimbeck

In-Pile Composting of Separated Solids from Beef Cattle Slurry, 354
Roberto Chiumenti, Francesco da Borso, Laura Catalano, Marco Mezzadri, Maria De Nobili

The Process for Biocompost Production from Pig Farm Wastes, 357
Irina A. Arkhipchenko, Victor Miller

Survival of Salmonella typhimurium and Dynamics of Indicator Microorganisms During the Storage of Solid Fraction of Slurry from
Agricultural Wastewater Treatment Plant, 359
Jan Venglovský, Iveta Plachá, Naia Sásaková, Ludovit Para

Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium Balance Under the Aeorobic Treatment of Pig-Farm Wasters, 361
Irina A. Arkhipchenko, Piet J. Derikx

The Influence of Aerobic Biological Wastewater Treatment on Changes in the Composition of Pig Slurry, 363
Olga Ondrašovicová, Milada Vargová, Miloslav Ondrašovic, Ludovit Para

Ammonia Abatement in the UK: The Interaction of Science, Economics and Policy, 365
John Webb, Ian A. Davidson, Brian F. Pain

Gaseous Emissions from Animal Husbandry - Possibilities of Reduction and Economic Consequences, 367
Werner Berg, Reiner Brunsch, Günter Hörnig

Ammonia and Odour Reduction with Bioscrubbers and Biofilters, 369
Milos Martinec, Eberhard Hartung, Stephan Lais, Thomas Jungbluth

Ammonia Emissions During Storage of Animal Manures and Slurries , 371
Jose Martinez, Pascal Peu, Laurence Marec, Fabrice Guiziou

Methane Emissions from Different Forms of Pig Fattening, 373
Heinz-Jürgen Ahlgrimm, Jürgen Breford

Improvements to the Use of Passive Flux Samplers for Monitoring Gaseous Emissions from Livestock Buildings and Manure Stores, 375
V. Roger Phillips, Rob Scholtens

InfoService Tierproduktion (IST), Network on Information about Laws and Licensing Relevant for Agricultural Building Projects, 377
Iris Martin, Heinrich de Baey-Ernsten, Ewald Grimm