The proceedings of the Int. Conference on Agricultural effects on ground and surface waters are divided over 5 volumes:
* Farm scale
* Regional scale
* National scale
* Late papers (various scales)
* Posters (idem)
Below, for the 5 volumes the names of the first author and the titles are given, in alphabetic order of author, (the same order as in the volumes).



Groundwater recharge through optimized intensive dairy farms

Beek,C.L. van
Nitrogen losses from intensively managed grassland on sandy soils to surface waters; the impact of buffer strips

Farming on good groundwater: a methodology for cost effective groundwater protection

Prediction of potential groundwater contamination by herbicides: integrated use of leaching model and GIS in the North Italy

Accelerated deployment of an agricultural nutrient management tool in response to local government policy: The Maryland Phosphorus Site Index

Are policy measures for reducing phosphorus loss capable of linking agricultural surpluses and land management to site specific environmental impacts?

Environment and agriculture - the dichitomy of erosion and weed control

Management of quantitative and qualitative river run-off characteristics with the measures at the watershed

Nitrate leaching: comparing conventional, integrated and organic agricultural production systems

Voluntary agreements as an instrument to solve conflicts between farmers and water suppliers in an environmentally friendly and economically efficient way

Application of slurry in catchments of Drinking Water Reservoirs

Conflicting interests in a Dutch agricultural dairy farming system

Concept for risk assessment of leaching pesticides to ground water based on field experiments

Balanced fertilization and nutrient losses from agriculture into groundwater and surface waters; definitions, uncertainties and policies and measures

Tracking nitrogen loading reductions from agricultural sources: NLEW

Incidental transfers of colloidal phosphorus following applications of slurry and fertilizer to grassland

The impact of farmstead operation on the groundwater quality

The national phosphorus project: interfacing agricultural and environmental phosphorus management in the U.S.

Environmental aspects of soil phosphorus chemistry in the U.S. Atlantic coastal plain

Quantifying phosphorus loss in overland flow from grassland soil to water

Evidence for connectivity of P transport from plot to catchment



Planning of Environment and Agricultural Waste-Site Layout based on Neural Networks

Reservoir water quality as result of agricultural activities in catchment

Modelling subsurface non-point source nitrogen emissions into the Odra River

SOIL and SOILN-NO at catchment scale- a case study for an agriculture dominated catchment

Analysis of sediment and nutrient entries by water erosion into the rivers in the Odra catchment

Selecting effective areas for development of buffer strips at farm and river basin scale

Choosing appropriate upscaling and downscaling methods for environmental research

Defining land zones for minimizing nitrate leaching to groundwater using a combined spatial data and risk based approach

Changes in agricultural practices and regional export of nitrogen from land to sea

On-farm water resources management: an approach to optimize regional hydrology

Idrissi,A. el
Impact of long-term land use change on the hydrological regime of the Dyle watershed

The impact of land use changes on the future load of nitrogen to a Danish inlet; Quantification of leaching from the root zone

Long term effects of new irrigation projects on river quality for agriculture and domestic use in Khuzestan province, Iran

Runoff of nutrients from land under agricultural utilization on The Polish Lowland

On the agricultural land use influence on the Ivankovskoye reservoir coastal area surface and ground waters quality

Liere,L. van
Agricultural effects on ground- and surface waters in four pilot areas in the Netherlands

Policy change and learning in the Western Mancha aquifer between 1985-2000

Long-term effects on groundwater quality through agriculture land use and remediation strategies

Nitrate exportation from an agricultural basin: mechanisms of control and nitrate residence time within the basin

Model based regional estimation of nitrogen groundwater loads from diffuse sources

A pilot monitoring network for groundwater in the upper Notec catchment (Poland). The first methodological set up of regional groundwater monitoring in Poland.

Models and monitoring: how should one scale-up cause and effect relationships to the catchment level for the purposes of planning and decision support?

Rupp, H.
Impact of land use changes in the Dromling fen area on nutrient fluxes into the groundwater

Geological reconstruction using conditional stochastic simulation for uncertainty analyses of water resource management (Northwest Germany, Liebenau)

Agricultural and environmental effects of non-point phosphorus pollution

Water levels in the Polder Echten; improving agriculture and reducing risks for subsidence

Multilateral approach of an integrated pesticide management system (IPMS) for sustainable agriculture in developing countries taking Kavre District, central Nepal as an example

Trends in nutrient runoff from agricultural basins in Norway

Predicting effect of land use changes on the nitrogen dynamics with a GIS coupled, process oriented model

Risk oriented cultivation conception for agricultural land in catchment areas of water resources



Pesticide river load from diffuse sources in Germany: a modeling approach

Nutrients in water of the Orhon river in the Arctic Ocean basin of Mongolia

Monitoring erosion and nutrient losses from small basins representative for Norwegian agriculture

Nutrient losses from agriculture: Effects on Canadian surface and ground waters

Monitoring the effectiveness of the Dutch mineral policy on nitrate in groundwater

Agricultural effects on ground water in Poland

The impact of land use in Europe on N-inputs to rivers and estuaries and related N2O emissions: a scenario analysis

Agricultural nitrate threats to pollution of groundwater in Slovenia: the implementation of policy instruments

Molen,D.T. van der
Credibility and acceptability of mathematical models for environmental impacts of agriculture in The Netherlands

Scenario analysis supporting fertilizer management strategies in the agricultural region of the Brusselean aquifer (Belgium)

Contribution of agriculture to heavy metal charging of Dutch surface waters

Ploeg,R. van der
Agricultural runoff, changes in land use, and the growing number of flash floods in Germany

The impact of agriculture on ground- and surface water quality in Poland - state of affairs and policy

Baltic agriculture in transition - the contribution to nutrient loads in the Gulf of Riga drainage basin

Policies for reducing environmental impacts from farming: the effectiveness of interdisciplinary analyses

Supporting the Flemish groundwater policy with respect to nitrate pollution

Comparison of different regulatory systems to reduce emissions of nutrients from agriculture



Economic modeling of Best Management Practices (BMP's) at the farm level

Hydrological response to policy induced land use changes in mesoscale watersheds

Grinsven,H. van
Evaluation of Dutch policies for reducing emission of N and P to ground- and surface water

Results from "JOVA"-Agricultural and environmental monitoring program of pesticides in Norway

Environmentally friendly manure management: technologies and policy instruments

The influence of composted material on the leaching of pesticides with different water solubility

Good modeling practice in water management



Alfaro, Marta
Effect of nitrogen management on potassium leaching from grassland systems

Barjasteh, Arash
The Role of Karkeh irrigation project on the groundwater quality of Pay-e Pol plains, SW.Iran

Beusen, Arthur
STONE, Structure and operation of the Dutch consensus model for emission and transport of nutrient

Bharati, Luna
Nowadays land use and water course maintenance practices: threat to Headwaters salmonid regions

Borisova, G.G.
Development of ecological approaches to agricultural management

Collentine, Dennis
BESVAR: A decision support tool for evaluation of Nitrogen losses and best management practices (BMPs) on a field level

Eppinger, Ralph
Spatial distribution of nitrate in heterogeneous aquifers controlled by a variable reactivity system

Finke, Peter
A DSS to choose appropriate upscaling and downscaling methods for environmental research

Gafhari Sarvi, M
Effects of agricultural contaminants and industrial waste water on the river Charah Chai in Iran

Gardenas, Annemieke
Modeling of pesticide leaching for the Vemmenhog catchment using spatial variability in soil properties

Gärdenäs, Annemieke
Can Swedisch Forestry obtain FCS-certification when using N-fertilization?

Haas, Guido
Land-use options in watersheds: afforestation or grassland instead of arable farming?

Haas, Guido
Impact on ground and surface water quality of intensive, extensified and organic grassland farms in southern Germany

Herpe, Yves van
Simulating the effects of management strategies aimed at reducing nitrate loss from agricultural watersheds

Igras, Janusz
Agricultural effects on ground water in Poland

Isermann, K.
Healthy eating habits of the population of the so-called "developed" countries ensure an almost reasonably sufficient reduction of

Janse, Jan
A model study on the effects of eutrophication on water quality and vegetation in polder ditches

Krämer, Ralph
Cooperation between Agriculture and Water Management in the region of Bonn

Lanen, Henny A.J.
Deterioration of the water quality in a Belgian-Dutch chalk catchment: history and perspectives

Lecomte, Marielle
Groundwater pollution in an agricultural catchment on sandstone: Evaluation of water and nitrogen losses from soils

McDowell, Richard
Comparing nutrient management strategies at the catchment scale

Meinardi, Cees
Denitrification in deeper soil layers determined from groundwater travel times and measurements of nitrate concentrations

Mihalic, Aleksandra
Nitrates and ammonia in the waters of a part of the Drava river basin

Mulschlegel, J.H.C.
Calculating scenario-based concentrations of nitrate at groundwater abstraction wells: Methodology and example of application. The Netherlands Groundwater Model, LGM

Osmond, Deanna
Legislation and education: Hand-in-Glove programs to reduce nitrogen loading into the river

Pettersson, Anna
An actor game on implementation of environmental quality standards for nitrogen - Data and model calculations

Prokofyeva, Tatyana
Water balance model as a basic of the evaluation of industrial influence on underground

Problems of Using Shallow-Well Ground Water for Irrigation Paddy Fields in Lower Northern Thailand

Puijenbroek,P. van
Nutrient emissions and their effects on vegetation in polder ditches in the Netherlands

Querner, Erik
Evaluation of salinity control measures in an irrigated area with the regional hydrological model SIMGRO

Querner, Erik
Water management measures in the Central Biebrza Basin

Rajic, Milica
Agricultural production of sugar beets in view of soil and water protection

Riise, Gunnhild
The influence of composted material on the leaching of bentazon, propiconazole and alpha-cypermethrin

Roest, Coen
Policy analysis for water resources planning. Interactive policy assessment with innovative technology

Roest, Coen
Regional irrigation water management decision support system: the Siware model package

Scheur, Wienus van de
Agricultural drainage practices and its impact on salt water seepage in a Dutch polder

Sekhar, M. Chandra
Impact of land use on water quality of the river Krishna

Sims, J.T.
Agricultural Nutrient Management and Environmental Quality: Position of the Soil Science Society of America

Singh, R. B.
PAU-ROMO- A two dimensional finite element runoff model for rain fed agricultural lands

Sraka, M.
Herbicides in the soils and waters of a part of the Drava river basin

Tent, Ludwig
Nowadays land use and watercourse maintenance practices: threat to headwaters salmonid regions

Tornbjerg, N.H.
Regional management of diffuse pollution from agriculture. Country of Funen Denmark.

Velthof, Gerard
Optimization of nutrient management ina region to decrease N and P emissions to the ground and surface waters

Windolf, Jørgen
Nitrogen application to farmland and Nitrogen leakage from fields, stream catchments and catchments to near-coastal marine areas

Wit, Marcel
Nitrogen fluxes in the Rhine, Elbe and Po river basins