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The accelerated nutrient enrichment or eutrophication of surface waters has become a significant environmental problem in many developed countries. The extent of eutrophication in freshwaters is most commonly related to the concentration of phosphorus and agriculture has been identified as a significant phosphorus source. Identification of mitigation options to reduce phosphorus inputs to water, in line with EU initiatives (PARCOM), requires a sound knowledge base of the significance of agriculture as an eutrophication source.

In July 1997 an EU COST (Co-operation in Science and Technology) Action was started to:
(I) develop a common technical understanding of the processes, forms and pathways of P loss in land run-off, and
(ii) develop a methodological framework for identifying the relative contribution of different diffuse P sources at the farm and catchment level.
These aims will be achieved through definition of conceptual models of P cycling in EU agricultural systems, P transfer in surface and sub-surface run-off at a range of scales and impacts of diffuse P on surface water quality.

In March 1998, 16 countries had joined the Action, which finished in July 2003. Working groups developed four major themes:



Phosphorus cycling in agriculture

Dr. J. Destain, Belgium

Phosphorus losses at the field scale

Dr. O. Schoumans, Netherlands

Phosphorus losses at the catchment scale

Dr. B. Kronvang, Denmark

Impacts of diffuse phosphorus on water quality

Dr. S. Orfanidis, Greece

Key subject areas included terminology, sampling and analytical procedures, principles of fertilizer and feed recommendations, soil inorganic and organic P release, erosion, leaching, incidental loss, P loss risk assessment, hydrological pathways, scaling issues, approaches to modelling P loss and future research needs.

For further information please contact either Mr Paul Withers (President) or Dr Wim Chardon (Vice-President). Scientific Secretary of COST Action 832 was Ir. Bouktje Stol.

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