Workshop "Phosphorus loss from soil to water"

Wexford, Ireland, 1995




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General information

The workshop was held from 29 to 31 September 1995, and was attended by 135 delegates from more than 20 countries. It aimed to synthesize current knowledge, and to identify areas for further research, on factors controlling phosphorus losses to water from agriculture.

Proceedings of the workshop were published as: 

Phosphorus loss from soil to water

Edited by:
H.Tunney, O.T.Carton, (Teagasc, Johnstown Castle Research Centre, Wexford, Ireland ),
P.C.Brookes and A.E.Johnston (A E Johnston, Soil Science Department, IACR Rothamsted, Harpenden, UK)

CAB International, UK, 1997, 467 pages. ISBN 0 85199 156 4

The publisher provided the following general information about the book: 

"Phosphorus is an essential element for plant growth and its input has long been recognized as necessary to maintain profitable crop production. However, phosphorus inputs can also increase the biological activity of surface waters and this can lead to the destruction of such aquatic ecosystems. Advanced eutrophication of surface water leads to problems with its use for fisheries, recreation, industry and drinking, due to the increased growth of undesirable algae and aquatic weeds, and oxygen shortages caused by their death and decomposition. It is therefore important to have a good understanding of the causes and mode of phosphorus loss from soil to water, to enable the problems to be controlled and managed.

This book has been developed from an international workshop held in Ireland in late 1995. It is the first comprehensive consideration of the topic, and many leading researchers in the area have contributed to it. It is essential reading for all soil scientists and freshwater biologists, as well as for environmentalists, ecologists and agriculturists concerned with sustainable land management and pollution. The book is also recommended to fisheries managers, fertilizer manufacturers and biologists working for water utilities.

Readership: Research workers, graduates, policy makers, advisors and managers in soil science and pollution studies, and interested in water quality and the impact of agriculture on the environment. Also of interest to the water industry, inland fisheries and other aquatic sports associations."


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Contents of workshop proceedings

Contents of: Phosphorus loss from soil to water; Tunney et al. (eds) CAB, 1997


Sharpley,A.N- & Rekolainen,S.
Phosphorus in agriculture and its environmental implications 1-53

Lennox,S.D., Foy,R.H., Smith,R.V. & Jordan,C.
Estimating the contribution from agriculture to the phosphorus load in surface water 55-75

Rekolainen,S., Ekholm,P., Ulén,B. & Gustafson,A.
Phosphorus losses from agriculture to surface waters in the Nordic countries 77-93

Reconstructing historical phosphorus concentrations in rural lakes using diatom models 95-118

The dynamics of phosphorus in freshwater and marine environments. 119-135

The behaviour of soil and fertilizer phosphorus 137-149

Sibbesen,E. & Sharpley,A.N.
Setting and justifying upper critical limits for phosphorus in soils 151-176

Tunney,H., Breeuwsma,A., Withers,P.J.A. & Ehlert,P.A.I.
Phosphorus fertilizer strategies: present and future 177-203

Sources and pathways of phosphorus loss from agriculture 205-223

Pionke,H.B., Gburek,W.J., Sharpley,A.N. & Zollweg,J.A.
Hydrological and chemical controls on phosphorus loss from catchments 225-242

Pommel,B. & Dorioz,J.M.
Movement of phosphorus from agricultural soil to water 243-251

Brookes,P.C., Heckrath,G., De Smet,J., Hofman,G. & Vanderdeelen,J.
Losses of phosphorus in drainage water 253-271

Bertilsson,G. & Forsberg,C.
Sustainable phosphorus management in agriculture 273-282

Lynch,P.B. & Caffrey,P.J.
Phosphorus requirements for animal production 283-296

Daniel,T.C., Carton,O.T. & Magette,W.L.
Nutrient-management planning 297-309

A European fertilizer industry view on phosphorus retention and loss from agricultural soils 311-328

European perspective on phosphorus and agriculture 329-337

Views on phosphorus and agriculture - Paris Commission 339-348

Dils,R.M. & Heathwaite,A.L.
Phosphorus fractionation in grassland hill-slope hydrological pathways 349-351

Haygarth,P.M. & Jarvis,S.C.
Soil-derived phosphorus in surface runoff from grazed grassland 351-354

Agricultural phosphorus load and phosphorus as a limiting factor for algal growth in
Finnish lakes and rivers

Smith,R.V., Foy,R.H. & Lennox,S.D.
Increase in soluble reactive phosphorus transport in grassland catchments in response
to soil phosphorus accumulation

Schoumans,O.F. & Breeuwsma,A.
The relation between accumulation and leaching of phosphorus: Laboratory, field
and modelling results

Organically combined phosphorus in soil solutions and leachates 363-366

Heckrath,G., Brookes,P.C., Poulton,P.R. & Goulding,K.W.T.
Phosphorus losses in drainage water from an arable silty clay loam soil 367-369

Thomas,D., Heckrath,G. & Brookes,P.C.
Evidence of phosphorus movement from Broadbalk soils by preferential flow 369-370

Howse,K.R., Catt,J.A., Brockie,D., Nicol,R.A.C., Farina,R., Harris,G.L. & Pepper,T.J.
Phosphorus leaching in the Brimstone Farm experiment 370-372

Stamm,C., Gächter,R., Flühler,H., Leuenberger,J. & Wunderli,H.
Phosphorus input to a brook through tile drains under grassland 372-374

Catt,J.A., Johnston,A.E. & Quinton,J.N.
Phosphate losses in the Woburn erosion reference experiment 374-377

Hodun,O.S. & Burt,T.P.
Storm-event transport of phosphorus in the absence of surface runoff generation 377-379

Klik,A. & Rosner,J.
Impact of different tillage practices on phosphorus losses from agricultural fields 379-381

Grant,R., Kronvang,B. & Laubel,A.
Catchment studies of the loss of phosphorus from agriculture to surface water 383-385

Harper,D. & Evans,G.
Sources of soluble and particulate phosphorus in surface water in Eastern England:
Relative importance of agricultural versus small point sources

Haygarth,P.M., Warwick,M.S. & House,W.A.
Biogeochemical significance of membrane and ultrafilter separation of low-moleculair-
weight molybdate-reactive phosphorus in soil and water

Contribution of agriculture to the phosphorus in surface waters in Finland and
measures to reduce it

Sharpley,A.N. & Lemunyon,J.
Identifying critical sources of phosphorus export from agricultural catchments 391-394

Improved measurements of phosphorus loss to watercourses from agricultural areas 394-396

Phosphorus loss to water from agriculture in the UK 396-398

Hartmann,R., Verplancke,H., Verschoore,P. & Villagra,M.M.
Phosphorus concentrations in surface water and drainage water in the watershed
of the Poekebeek, Flanders, Belgium

Schoeters,I., Lookman,R., Merckx,R. & Vlassak,K.
Evaluating a phosphate saturation inventory of soils in Northern Belgium 400-403

Scokart,P., Nyssen,P. & De Cooman,P.
Developing an expert system for the evaluation of nutrient losses from agriculture
to water in Belgium

Strauss,P. & Blum,W.E.H.
Phosphorus loads from agricultural areas in an Austrian watershed: Measurements and
estimation using geographical system technology

Van der Molen,D.T., Breeuwsma,A., Boers,P.C.M. & Roest,C.W.J.
Dutch policy towards phosphorus losses in agriculture 407-409

Present and future Dutch regulations to reduce phosphorus loss to water from agriculture 410-412

Zollweg,J.A., Gburek,W.J., Sharpley,A.N. & Pionke,H.B.
Hydrological and chemical controls on phosphorus losses from catchments -
Coordination of field research, geographical information systems and modelling

Chapman,P.J., Shand,C.A., Edwards,A.C. & Smith,S.
Phosphorus composition of soil solution: Effects of sample preparation and storage 415-417

De Smet,J., Scheldeman,K., Hofman,G., Van Meirvenne,M., Vanderdeelen,J. & Baert,L.
Inventory of the phosphate saturation degree of the light-textured soils in
West Flanders, Belgium

Indiati,R. & Sharpley,A.N.
Changes in two transport- and retention-related soil-phosphate parameters following
phosphate addition

Johnston,A.E. & Poulton,P.R.
The downward movement and retention of phosphorus in agricultural soils 422-425

The concentrations and forms of phosphorus in manures and soils from the
densily populated livestock area in North-West Germany

Maguire,R.O., Edwards,A.C. & Wilson,M.J.
Comparison of chemical forms and distribution of phosphorus within cultivated and
uncultivated soils: Some implications for losses

Meissner,R., Rupp,H. & Seeger,J.
Threat of phosphorus leaching from intensively farmed agricultural soils in the
Central Reaches of the river Elbe

Robinson,J.S. & Sharpley,A.N.
The availability in soil of phosphorus released from poultry litter 431-435

Stout,W.L., Sharpley,A.N. & Pionke,H.B.
Reducing soil-phosphorus availability with by-products from power-generation plants 436-438

Breeuwsma,A., Reijerink,J.G.A. & Schoumans,O.F.
Occurrence and effects of phosphate-saturated soils 438-440

Culleton,N., Murphy,J. & Murphy,W.E.
Soil phosphorus levels in dairy farming 440-441

Johnston,A.E. & Poulton,P.R.
Defining critical levels of available soil phosphorus for agricultural crops 441-445

Johnston,A.E. & Poulton,P.R.
Factors affecting critical soil phosphorus values 445-448

Murphy,W.E. & Culleton,N.
Distribution of available phosphorus in soil under long-term grassland 448-449

Poulton,P.R., Tunney,H. & Johnston,A.E.
Comparison of fertilizer phosphorus recommendations in Ireland and England and Wales 449-452

Salter,J.L., Higgs,B. & Dawson,C.J.
The impact of fertilizer strategies on the phosphorus status of arable soils in England
and Wales

Johnston,A.E., Tunney,H. & Foy,R.H.
Phosphorus loss from agriculture to water: Synthesis and summary 455-461

End of table of contents.

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Author index

Author index of: Phosphorus loss from soil to water; Tunney et al. (eds) CAB, 1997

Anderson,N.J. 95
Baert,L. 417
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Zollweg,J.A. 225,412

End of author index

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Geographic origin of authors

Geographic origin of authors of Phosphorus loss from soil to water; Tunney et al. (eds) CAB, 1997


AUSTRIA Blum,W.E.H., Klik,A., Rosner,J., Strauss,P.

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