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Papers from the final Meeting of COST 832 in Cambridge (2003)

From 31 July- 2 August 2003 the final meeting of the action was organized by Paul Withers in Cambridge, UK. The program and abstracts of presentations given at the workshop can be found by clicking on abstracts.
Selected papers from this meeting were published in a special issue of the journal Soil Use and Management published by Blackwell Publishing in Oxford (volume 23, September 2007, Supplement 1). The issue is entitled: Agriculture, Phosphorus, Eutrophication: a European Perspective, and contains a preface by Paul Withers and Phil Haygarth, and 16 refereed articles. The table of contents can be found by clicking on Cambridge.

Papers from the Working group 1 and 2 joint meeting of COST 832 in Zurich (2002)

From 16 to 19 October 2002 a joint meeting of working group 1 and 2, entitled: "Development of risk assessment methodology for P loss at the field scale", was held at the ETH in Zurich, Switzerland, from 16-19 October 2002. Selected papers from this meeting were published in an issue of the J. of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science (vol. 166, issue 4, 2003). It contains a preface by Chardon and Withers, and 9 refereed articles from the workshop. The table of contents can be found by clicking on Zurich.

Papers from COST 832 meetings in Cordoba (1999) and Irdning (2000)

Meetings of WG2 were organised in 1999 in Cordoba, Spain, and in 2000 in Irdning, Austria. Selected papers from these meetings were published in:
Chardon, W.J., O.F. Schoumans (eds.). 2002. Phosphorus losses from agricultural soils: Processes at the field scale. COST action 832. Alterra Wageningen, The Netherlands. 137 pp.
Click on contents for a table of contents, and here for a pdf of the report.

Regulation of animal production
The problem of eutrophication is strongly related to manure, produced in confined animal production systems. In 1999, a conference was organized in Germany, entitled:
'Regulation of animal production in Europe'.
Topics during the conference were:
Animal Welfare; Water and Soil Pollution Control; Quality Management Systems; Air Pollution Control; Farm Planning
The proceedings (ca. 380 pages, in English) were published. Information on this publication (table of contents, ordering) can be found in: animal.

Agriculture and phosphorus management, The Chesapeake Bay

In April 1998, the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) held a Conference to examine issues related to agricultural phosphorus (P) and water quality with the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Invited papers and posters given at the Conference are collected in a book along with the views of several Bay farmers, key Bay resource users, and recommendations from the Conference workgroups. The book was edited by Andrew Sharpley. For a more extensive introduction to the book, its table of contents, and an authors biography click on
Bay. The book was published by Lewis Publishers, Catalog no. L1494, December 1999, ISBN: 1-56670-494-4. Orders North America, Australia and New Zealand: Lewis Publishers,; Europe, Middle east, Africa, and Asia:

Proceedings Workshop Nordic Countries, Sweden
A collection of articles on Phosphorus use was recently published in the Review of the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry. (Year 135, No. 7 1998). This special issue was written altogether in English to reach a wider audience. It is the result of a 3-days workshop, held in March 1997, entitled:
"Phosphorus balance and utilization in agriculture - towards sustainability".
A special 244 pages long issue was published online in Adobe´s pdf format at the following address:
Some of the areas covered:
Session 1. Present situation on phosphorus use and phosphorus balances in Nordic countries.
Session 2. Phosphorus efficiency and improvement possibilities
Session 3. Biological approaches
Session 4. Recycling
Session 5. Phosphorus losses to water in relation to phosphorus status of soils
Questions can be sent to the Academy: Email:

Special issue Soil Use and Management
A special issue of the journal Soil Use and Management was published by CAB International (volume 14, June 1998 Supplement). The issue is entitled: Phosphorus, Agriculture and Water Quality, and contains a foreword and 9 refereed articles. The table of contents and further details on ordering can be found by clicking on
SUM. More information on the journal can be found at: General information on the publisher can be found at:

Workshop Antrim, N. Ireland, 1998, papers in J. of Environmental Quality
From 16 to 19 June 1998 an OECD-sponsored workshop was held in Antrim, Northern Ireland, entitled: "Practical and Innovative measures for the control of agricultural phosphorus loss to water". The 21 papers presented are published as full papers in the J. of Environmental Quality, in the first issue of 2000. For the titles of the papers click on
JEQ. Proceedings of this workshop were also published, and contain a 1 page summary of invited lectures, and a 2 page abstract of all posters presented. For the program of the workshop and the table of contents of the proceedings click on Antrim.

Workshop Wexford, Ireland, 1995

In 1995 a workshop on phosphorus was organised in Wexford, Ireland. For more information and proceedings click on


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